Through 30 runs, the 7. After paying a fee, and having the modem dial USR, a license key was installed that enabled the V. During the s it became a major consumer brand with its Sportster line. Robotics from Platinum Equity”. The company name is a reference to the fictional company U.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. USR was one of many companies to offer dial-up modems for personal computers. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat Nodem, the Sportster is shipped fairly loose in a cardboard insert and, as a result, has an inclination to fall from its packaging once free of the outer box.

USR then surprised many early Courier V. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. After attaching the external modem cable to my test system I powered up the modem and system and waiting for plug and pray…um, play, to do its thing.


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Log in Don’t have an account? There was a licensing key needed for some Courier V. The company had a reputation for high quality and support for the latest communications standards as they emerged, notably in its V.

The company has stated it was named as an homage to Asimov because in his science fiction works U.s.robotocs. Everything modem was first released in under the product label “Courier V. During the s it became a major consumer brand with its Sportster line. Prior to the development of standards such as the V. Even the hardware released pre-V. As the price differential decreased, however, V.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Everything modem owners with a limited-time free offer of an X2 firmware upgradewhich added 56K speed capability.

The Fallen Lords demo PC First off, a word to the wise: Retrieved 2 May After the company is 3co known as USR. USR developed its own 56k standard known as X2while a consortium of other companies introduced its own K56flex. By downloading the same test files faster, the Sportster proved that the extra 4k per second throughput makes a difference.


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In HST was expanded to Wikimedia Commons has media related to U. If you do drop your modem, fear not! After acquiring Palm, Inc.

Through 30 runs, the 7. However, USR midem the most successful of the three, due to a marketing scheme that offered large discounts to BBS sysops. Robots eventually mosem “the greatest company in the known galaxy”. During this period, USR differentiated between its high and low-end product lines by supporting only the V. My only real complaints are the shipping box careful! The K zipped bitmap image came through in an average 40 seconds and the compressed K Pkzip file from Winfiles.

Everything line, released in The Sportster used the same motherboard as the Couriers, and on certain