Seconds dpi, High Speed 3: If pressed after an output error has been corrected, this button resumes printing. The source image had a resolution of dpi. For more detailed explanation of the menus and options available in the PC Printing mode, see the “Computer Drivers” section below. True 6-color photo printer with near-invisible 4 picoliter droplets. The EPX comes with a roll paper holder.

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We confess though, that we haven’t routinely performed this test, so other printers 78epx well be as waterproof these days. Photomicrographs of its output show ink dots under extreme magnification, but the 4-picoliter droplets are completely invisible to the naked eye. Environmental Parameters Sound Emission. This mode provides a range of preset image corrections to choose from, depending on the type of image being printed.

They all feature dpi printing resolution for pinsharp text and graphics. Media Handling Media Path Type. Epson describes its inks as “water resistant,” a big plus in the durability category.

Located on the far right side of the PC card slot, this button ejects the card.

Digital Printers – Epson Stylus Photo EPX Digital Printer Review: Print-Friendly Review Version

There is absorbant foam that soaks up the excess ink and it’s located along the leading edge as well as at the 0″, 4″, 5″, 8″ and 8. Yes it does require a little time when the printer is first turned on and yes, it does waste a certain amount of ink.

See Test Results for more timing data. Problems on our main Windows workstation while we were testing the EPX prevented us from conducting timing tests on that platform.


This thread is locked. Images are marked while still in the camera — identifying which prints to process, the desired print sizes, and the number of copies from each file. Earlier this yearEpson introduced three Stylus Photo printers: Even if your camera doesn’t have DPOF capabilities, you can use the printer’s built-in control panel to select size, layout, and print images from the card.

Epson Stylus Photo EPX – printer – color – ink-jet Overview – CNET

The Print Quality pulldown menu offers a variety of quality settings, allowing you to select the one that best matches the use of your printout. Laptops by Dan Ackerman Nov 26, The smaller number of ink droplets deposited in highlight areas frequently leads to a “grainy” appearance in inkjet prints. Pressing this button also clears the error light if pressed after removing roll paper.

We didn’t get to test it, but an optional 1. Epson has really pushed this technology farther than anybody, with the results you see at right. Epson has upgraded software to fully support the Print Image Matching PIM technology found on many of the new digicams.

Once you’ve selected or created a watermark, the Settings button becomes active on the Layout menu page. This is handy if you’re planning an unusually long print run, and want to load up a fresh cartridge to prevent running out in the middle. Below epso Media Type menu is the Ink selection box, which specifies which espon cartridge will be used, Color or Black. Visit the Epson Print Image Matching web site for more details.


You can read your memory cards and print pictures without the use of a computer or the PCMCIA slot can be used as a card reader to transfer images to the host computer when connected via USB. At the photk of the Control Panel, above the PC Card slot, is a series of four buttons that are used when the printer is connected to a printer. Printing Epsno Print Time Minutes: The EPX works like any other printer when connected to a PC, with printer drivers and utility software for both Windows and Macintosh platforms that provide a diverse selection of quality and speed settings, image editing functions, color management, and page layout controls.

Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX Printer

Text-mode printing is quite rough in the Economy mode, but very fast, suitable for quick drafts. Questions, comments or controversy on this product?

If you select the “PhotoEnhance” option in the color management controls, you’ll get options for setting tone think “contrast” and a variety of effects, including Sharpness, Soft Focus, Canvas, or Parchment. US No 10 4. The PC card reader slot, located on the bottom right side of the printer’s front panel, accepts PC card adapters for SmartMedia, CompactFlash, and Memory Stick storage media, with an Eject button directly adjacent to it for quick removal.