Configuration file description 1. Abstract Document contains description how to use communication application Comm2A. Command line parameters have higher priority than configuration file parameters. Receiving grand totals values non fiscal version 4. Assignment to VAT level.

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Samsung conducts the galaxy beta program which is owned, managed and operated by samsung independently for providing a better experience and reliable software based on user feedback. Table of Contents Introduction 1.

If it is necessary to use space for file names, this command line parameter must be enclosed in quotation marks. This Free Version software may be freely distributed, provided that:. Hourly report clearing 3. Data depending on command. PLU commands for EuroT 3.

Minimal time equals to the reaction speed of ECR 25ms. PLU without stock state safety. Each item is separated by “ItemSeparator”. First quantity entered using ECR keyboard while selling. Size depend to ECR type must be exact the same resolution as graphics logo in ECR otherwise the data will be classified as invalid.


Length means count of PLUs witch sales data should be deleted. Both files have the same form. Original files can be distributed included in application software that supports product from Elcom s.

Euro-2000 Alpha Cash Register

File contains 8 lines. See more information about euro testing software solutions, find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. Text journal Text journal is only a copy of journal tape in ECR.

Erase bills text journal.

Comm2A (generic version)

Examples of command line usage Comm2A. Name of this file consist of given file name and actual date and time on PC. Note Commands 8 and 9 are used only for EuroEuro Amount eiro be coded depending ion second system flag fifth digit.

If transmitted stock is out of range then only first 9 digits are used in case plus sign or minus sign euto used, then only first 8 digits are accepted. PLU without stock state.


The characters are not delimited by spaces. Product information delmhorst fpkg f package the f is great for hay producers looking to enhance quality control. Extended flags for EuroTE. Most of these types are only numerical values. If the command does not require range select then the values ItemsCount and FirstItemIndex will be ignored. File has visual meaning — it is difficult to obtain sale data from particular lines.

Clearing journals in ECR memory 4. Secondary currency exchange rate 4.

Reading PLU count with non zero sale. System flags for Euro 3. It is not possible to program text with these characters.

Text data format 4.