Pets will bark at you like a stranger, kids will be wary of you for the first couple of days, family will get into a routine without you there and it will occasionally seem like you are inturuping someone elses life when you are back. Don’t go blowing a grand at the casino. This is a competency-based haul truck traineeship leading to a nationally recognised qualification Certificate III – Surface Extraction Operations Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references. Normally its 12 but Boddington has

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After a Komatsu Limited -Dresser joint venture KDC in was formed, the Haulpak truck line was again partly under new ownership, although by Komatsu had purchased all remaining shares of KDC, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

You have to find out a routine that works for you to be able to sleep through the day and combat fatigue. BGC seem to take a few green people, and green ladies, they have advertised twice in the last -8 months for haul truck drivers at Koolan Island and Coolyournobbin sp? Start to create your own list of these job boards and learn what the mining companies are looking for in terms of skills, experience and willingness to work FIFO in remote areas of WA and QLD.

If you know a little bit about the inside of a dump truck can and how to drive safely you will be well ahead of other candidates when you send in your resume for that all-important job.

I used to work underground for 10 years and some mines were safe and others were terrible. Adams in and thereafter front end loaders, with the purchase of Scoopmobile.


I get mining HR and recruiting people regularly in the taxi. The site and the working conditions for me are exactly the same, the only thing uaulpak was different was the kind of truck I was driving, and it only takes one day to adjust.

They seem to have the opinion the less you know the better and I can see their point. If nothing else, you’ll get some advice from a few people and learn heaps about the industry.

Wabco subsequently added motor graders to their product line by purchasing J. I would make seek your friend and always be on the look out. It’s a very simple suggestion, yet a lot of people don’t want to do it. But when I returned to Australia I found I could no longer afford to buy a house on a travel agent’s wage. And then there are the people in Perth who actually hire the staff.

Q and A with a dump truck driver

My role is basically to operate the truck, and move dirt from the pit to the dump areas. Since making the switch she hasn’t looked back, and has gone from strength to strength after starting work as a dump truck operator.


You and just about everyone else wants to get into FIFO mining. The book provides some direction.

Q and A with a dump truck driver – Australian Mining

Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed. Pretty sure if you go do a RMS course Rio won’t touch you as they want you to not have an opinion about how things should be done when you turn up.

Results 1 to 20 of I have an extra role where I also train new recruits that come through. What makes you think there is an approaching demise of metallurgical coal when the continual boom of the What are the job prospects like at the moment? If you do get a look in remember they are very risk averse. Info on Haulpak Driving Wanted With the intentions of financially setting myself up for the future, I’m thinking of getting into the mines as a driver.


Long Haul Drivers Required. In addition, drivers may be required to lift heavy objects. Sounds like my head was up in the clouds in a few respects. Now heres the kicker It is about as reaslistic for you to walk into a job like this as it is for you to get a job at NASA flying the shuttle, well not quite but not far off either, it will require lots of work chasing people up that siad “I’ll ring you” and training, and dealing with knobhead HR people.

I know you’ll be operating machines that are much smaller than what we have on a mine site, but you are getting machine experience, and I know as a truck driver that if you’ve driven a fifty tonne truck its so much quicker and easier for me to train you on a tonne truck.

Then find out which labour hire companies the mining companies use and attack it that way. Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. So it might be worth emphasising a commitment to reliability and dependability to people that you speak to.