The passed through devices worked as intended. This line was actually present while using arch as well I just never took the time to read past the first line which just says enabled interrupt remapping. This may just be a difficult nut to crack. Thanks again for all the info, FoxFireX. My proc does support VTD and I never tried with a proc that does not. Retrieved from ” https: Unlike Intel’s earlier Core processors and chipsets, the same CPUs are not compatible across Intel’s spectrum of motherboards and chipsets with Nehalem and Lynnfield.

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Too many hoops to jump through. I havn’t had to RMA a board yet, meaning I havn’t gotten a faulty board yet.

[ubuntu] Intel i7. X58 / motherboard choice? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Intel reference the list of compatible processors vt-d. The other processor we are looking at, the Fhipset Core i7 has a base clock of 2.

The following command removes the device 0: Unfortunately, I am not well positioned to purchase from newegg in North America or I might have. I noticed then that the i does not actually have VT-d support. Come and say hello! You also don’t get z58 passed gpu at boot time.


I mention this because the i does not support VT-d on chip. But that’s fixed, here’s how: Support for passing-through multi-function devices as multi-function devices has been merged into xen-unstable and should appear in 4.

Did you try to install Linux on Intel Matrix Storage? Any other comments and discussion on this matter are appreciated, even things like “I am a sysadmin for Google and speaking from experience this is impossible.

IntelĀ® Chipset Software and Drivers

Single-function devices always have function zero present and no other functions and thus the function number does not change when a single-function device is passed chupset they are passed-through. I mention this because the i does not support VT-d on chip.

If so, please share your wisdom! Regarding the motherboard the asus p6t deluxe has gotten good reviews, but I am unsure of its Linux-friendliness although it should be fine.

I saw in OutOfReach’s http: Then again, the fact that it is responsible for a startup crash means it’s probably attempting something, or it would ignore it and move on from previous experience passing asst. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Passthrough in ESXi 6. Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Contact. There’s a great list of introductory links here – thanks to SCSweeps.


Supported processors implement the Nehalem microarchitecture and therefore have an integrated memory controller IMCso the X58 does not have a memory interface. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Splintered off from this sub-reddit. Although I read on Phoronix.


I mean 5 star but you know theres a good percentage of 1 and 2 and 3 stars as well. A common example of a multi-function device are USB devices. The passed through devices worked as intended. No memes or potato images. Thanks FoxFireX – this info is most appreciated. It seems to me that a storage RAID box and a “passthrough” box are conflicting purposes and should not be on the same box.

Only discontent is chispet it only has 6 sata ports. That board is 2 way sli and 3 way sli compatible, just make iintel you read the manual. Otherwise qemu-dm will be built without pass-through support.