Don’t forget that I got stray wheel events with an old IntelliMouse classic; Firefox bug was opened about this and for the most part, everyone affected has a Microsoft wheel mouse. Please login or register. Plug in the fast, wired USB connector and immediately get into your flow without waiting for Bluetooth to pair or searching for a dongle. From what I understand, v1. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. I get the stray mouse move events not just when I have the mouse completely steady, but also when the mouse is in the air where it can’t track.

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Software for me is pretty much a No. The ergonomic design of the new Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is comfortable for hours of use.

I saw the Inntellimouse — never heard of them before, though their website looks impressive. It doesn’t track properly on my new desk, but the phantom move events are nothing to do with tracking. What’s the wheel like on that thing? I’m currently using an Intellimouse, and it’s great. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Replacement for the 5-button IntelliMouse Optical?

No, an optical Intellimouse would be much more succesful, the butotn popular Philips Twin Eye sensor has accel. With a high quality prediction free laser it could be very popular. I don’t know what will make me happy if my bug aura creates defects in apparently perfectly good mice Warranty 1 year limited hardware warranty. The software allows you to customize the buttons to your heart’s content.


What is it with gamers and terrible aesthetic sense? The Kana with the light-up wheel is pure cheese. I honestly just wish that people would confirm that the IntelliMouse Optical is rubbish and broken, so that I’d have some comfort that any other mouse should at least manage to move the cursor and click without too much difficulty.

However, since two different people recommended buttom to me, I guess that Intellimiuse simply possessed or something and any expensive mice would just screw up in some other fashion.

Might be a tracking flaw caused by the surface. Mouse report rate reports per second.

Not a gamer though — I just use the side buttons for Back, Forwards, and systemwide mouse gestures right-drag is already widely used, so Back-drag gets used instead. I tried the IntelliMouse drivers at one stage, but they were broken too — a wheel notch blocked middle mouse for a moment, which for me is switch and close tab in Firefox.

I get the stray mouse move events not just when I have the mouse completely steady, but also when the mouse is in the air where it can’t track. The return of a classic.


The Spawn is custom-made for claw-grip users like you and me. Having duplicate buttons 4 and 5 on each side could inteloimouse. I have a spare IMO 1.

Software Downloads: IntelliMouse Optical

This is also a completely random occurrence. Packed with modern upgrades. The CM Storm Spawn is also good, though the styling is dreadful gaming equipment usually is. As a claw grip user myself, there’s only one mouse I’d recommend that fits your preferences: It has always bothered me why no one has made a high quality intelimouse clone. I don’t do the whole open-packaging-and-return thing so this all makes me very nervous.

I use an IntelliMouse Optical 1.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB 5 Button Mouse

I know you want thumb buttons on each side, but there aren’t too many mice like that. The red is pretty dreadful, but there’s the cheaper, cut-down Xornet that allows you to have the mouse in intellimouss, leaving only the ghastly branding.

Maybe the other alternative I gave you aswell.