If your DVD-ROM drive is still functioning with the original firmware, then it means that firmware upgrading is not necessary at this time. The name Blu-ray came from the fact that the laser beam which reads the data from the new discs is blue instead of red which is used for current DVDs and CDs. Always remember to reboot your system after completion. The upgrade utility has in programmed with a criteria-check function to avoid flashing the DVD-ROM drive with a wrong firmware consult you Lite-On Customer Service representatives for further assistance. Execute the file and wait for the program to confirm the operations. This enables DVDs to record 2 layers of tracks on each side one layer is on top of another.

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If the user is only watching movies or simply listening to music not copyingthe DVD-ROM drive will smartly slow down even further to a quieter operation and less sensitive to disc quality. Poor media quality cause by original stamping or litson handling that dirtied or damaged by users Handling carefully to your other media.

If not contact Lite-On for services. The 8 major Film Industry Company also divided the world into 7 regions see attached tableand requested all DVD discs and DVD playback devices to embed regional code. However, if there is a bad disc poor recording quality, dirty spots or severe scratches…etcthen the player will not get data fast enough to support the playback operation.

Product-dependent feature Blu-ray Disc players enable you to continue to view and enjoy your existing DVD libraries.


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No warranty services on such damage. Connect the Serial ATA power connector to the power connector on the rear panel of your drive.

Win10 cannot support ODD. During movie playback, if your system is fast enough, and has enough memory resources, the playback operation should be smooth. Several manufacturers have released single layer and dual layer 50 GB recordable BDs and rewritable discs.

The result is that each disc holds only 18 minutes of high quality movie. And the pin definition of Serial ATA power connector should be the same ltd1163 that in the following figure. The detail as below: When such situation occurred, please format the disk before processing burning action. Damaged disc Drive can NOT read disc with serious scratches and marks.

Connector is plugged in securely Connector is plugged in at proper orientaion.

LITEON DVD-ROM LTD driver free download for windows – AWARD_ – AWRDACPI

Breakthroughs in hard-coating technologies enable Blu-ray Disc zp offer the strongest resistance to scratches and fingerprints. Low quality disc Your disc may NOT be copied or stamped to industrial standard, and is below minimum tolerance. Single-layer can hold 25GB Dual-layer versions of the discs that can hold 50GB Capacity could be increased as additional layers are added there liteln been announcements of GB four-layer discs and Sony has been conducting laboratory work with a GB disc This added capacity makes more customer features and benefits possible in the future, which shows that Blu-ray is the format for the long term.

The transfer rate slows down, depending upon the available system resources in a Windows environment. The name Blu-ray came from the fact that the laser beam which reads the data from the new discs is blue instead of red which is used for current DVDs and CDs. Refer to your PC user’s manual to remove the PC cover. Please care for your disc. Make sure download from authorized site only.


Liteon Dvd Rom Ltd Ata Device Driver Download

Incorrect disc format Please make sure your disc format is supported by the drive you are using. Broken Disc Most likely caused by defective disc such as cracks, chips on disc and imbalance disc. Each district contains several sectors. This enables DVDs to record 2 layers of tracks on each side one layer is on top of another.

Dirty disc surface Clean disc reflection surface the side with NO printings with materials that will NOT scratch or leave lint on the surface. Windows or Windows XP do not display this information. Flash Memory Damage due to improper Firmware upgrade If LED light stays on during computer ” boot sequence sp, try to download latest Firmware and update flash memory.

Blu-ray Disc is a next-generation, optical disc format that enables the ultimate high-def entertainment experience. DVDs ltr163 use a shorter pit, smaller track pitch, and more efficient encoding method to record 4. Theoretically there are no differences between the ports.