Increase the error-proportional gain, while adjusting Commandvelocity to maintain a critically damped response. This is illustrated in Figure 4. Input a mVpp, 2KHz sine wave signal into the command interface connector. Applications requiring the highest accuracy are tuned using the velocity, position-proportional and integrator terms, leaving the error-proportional at minimum fully CCW. Check to be sure that the load is securely fastened to the shaft. Increasing the integrator gain causes a faster response.

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Minlsax the incorrect notch filter module is used, it may not be possible to eliminate the oscillation. Increase the error gain. View the position signal on an oscilloscope AC-coupling is recommended.

The same techniques maybe used for other command waveforms as well. Each scanner motor and mirror set also has a characteristic natural resonance. Check to be sure that the load is securely fastened to the shaft.

The signals available on the test interface connector are not buffered or isolated and are not recommended for use other than with the recommended Test Interface Board. An adequate earth ground connection such as a water pipe or AC ground.

Minnisax times can be minimized by increasing the integrator and position proportional gains. Turn the error-proportional gain fully CCW. In this case, large steps may require command structuring. Visit our website for the latest version of these documents and other useful information.


The error signal is the most convenient to view while adjusting the servo for minimum step time.

Sections 7 and 8 discuss alternative tuning methods, and describe il procedures used by the factory. If the scanner motor begins to oscillate at high Commandfrequencies, reduce the velocity gain until it stops.

The four tunings are described in Table 8: Do not operate the scanner motor and driver without the load that it was tuned to. Input a waveform that represents the largest step or greatest acceleration the scanner motor will be commanded to.

Minisax Bag 2

For better settling accuracy, slowly increase the integrator gain until the constant settling level goes to 0V as shown in Figure The MiniSAX II mounting bracket provides convenient mounting surfaces and mates with either of two optional heatsinks. Scanner motor or driver becomes hot when operating.

That is why General Scanning offers four standard tunings as well asapplication-specific tuning for our OEM customers. It gives the same information as the position signal, but allows much greater magnification of miinisax settling since revolves around zero volts.

Vector waveforms should be ,inisax so that the commanded acceleration and velocity do not exceed the scan system saturation limits. The amount of heater power available is a function of the supply voltage available to the TCM.


A fault condition is reported under the following circumstances: The factory installed fuse is Littelfuse part number R Conductive bags, trays, minieax, racks or other containers used for storage.

MiniSAX II Driver User’s Manual Pages 1 – 33 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Applications requiring the maximum speed are tuned using the velocity, error-proportional and integrator terms, leaving the position-proportional at minimum fully CCW. Contact Customer Service to obtain a Return Materials Authorization number before returning any product for repair. Read the Text Version.

You may be using an incorrect tuning module. Up to 15 turns may be required to assure the gains are minimized. Monitor the position signal from the Test Interface Board on an oscilloscope.

Try adjusting the trim pot a couple turns in each direction to see if ij oscillation disappears. Do not allow the scanner motor to be driven into the stops. General Scanning warrantees products against defects up to 1 year from manufacture date, barring unauthorized modifications or misuse.