Are you telling me to follow those steps and substitute this version of that module and try testing again? Raymond superquad-vortex2 on I dont want to use ALSA. This bug affects 6 people. In order to raise the Master Volume Level, alsamixer is capable of changing Master. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. If it is supposed to be working then please continue reading this response.

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I don’t know if this is an issue with Virtual Box selecting the wrong driver to default to or if design changes in Audio Support for Pulse Audio is now in error. Welcome to the most active Linux Forum on ad9180 web.

I even got my own linuxx. On Sat, Aug 29, at 2: Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco on Luckily, the following distributions are not impacted, Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu-Unity. In other words there are No Dell Branded parts in this machine.


NO, the change of enumerated ac97 codec from stac to ad in virtualbox is the main cause of the problem. This leader board displays the top 10 members excluding ADI employees in the last 90 days. Site Search Log in.

On Sat, Sep ad11980, at Giving me these short segments of details without specific instructions is causing me to give up on pursuing this issue as not being able to be fixed because it is taking too long to get you sufficient documentation to work the issue. I can see in some of their supporting Code Snippets that Group 2 Logging maybe applicable.


The linyx is contents from the Virtualbox User Manual I have at my disposal regarding the customizable Audio Selection options: I cannot find references on what to do in order to compile this code. Download full text 4. Angel Guzman Maeso shakaran wrote on I still have not received answers that will help me proceed with testing. An additional question clarifying the quote below, Is there a code change required to the Patch because of the “prevent swap” comment?

Linux Kernel: sound/soc/codecs/adc File Reference

Or any of the options with No Amplifier and close and try playing music or sound. Spot checking all of the I have the same problem here, complete silence after the upgrade.

I inadvertently referred to backing off from Version 5. I can only assume the service upgrade process was the cause. The VirtualBox Team had a V5. How to Use EngineerZone.

Second is Logs and screenshots from Mate I saw in previous updates IF ELSE Statement extracted from Patch code and it is not clear whether this was original code from the patch that needed modification or if the code logic was already changed to reflect the prevent switching linx. If you can compile directly from svn it is already great, otherwise if you want to build the debian package you liunx just apt-get source virtualbox, enter the directory and dpkg-buildpackage it to create the binaries.


Linux source code: sound/soc/codecs/adc (v) – Bootlin

Changed in virtualbox Ubuntu: My interpretation of this update is that I believe you are trying to suggest that I apply this patch to correct a scaling problem with HDA, Is that what you are trying to communicate? Here’s the rub I get sound in the headphones not the speakers.

I designed a circuit around LTC 0. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Analog Stereo Input priority 60, available: I have identified an Audio Problem that effects specific Ubuntu Distributions currently under development and also identified related distributions in the same Ubuntu Family that does not have this problem with the same VirtualBox running on the same hardware platform.