Thank you jasmin April 10, Thanks!! I used reasonable force, but I am afraid if I exceed that I will break it Is there anything I should specifically push in order to take this cover out? Connect B as shown. Repeat for the other ATA Devices shown if applicable. I think it is, if you know how to unsolder the failed port and where to buy a replacement port. Align the LCD brackets with the screw holes on the panel. Slide the battery lock in the direction shown to release position 1 , insert the battery pack and secure the battery in place.

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Follow local regulations for disposal of all batteries. Page Appendix C Disconnect all external devices. Please make sure your TS laptop key aasus hinge clip match up to the Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

Thanks for the comment. Ensure the cable is free from obstructions.

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Do not forget to turn off the computer and remove the battery. Products may not be available in all markets. The Naztech N15 3. Hoping for faster and quieter. Disconnect the following three cables from the Mainboard. The hinge cover on the power supply adapter side has a single moulded wedge that locks it in place. Remove the eight securing screws four on each side from the LCD Panel brackets.


Where can i buy a replacement?

best samsung laptop hinge cover list

If extensive pixel damage is present different colored spots in the same locations on the screenthe LCD is faulty and should be replaced.

Sony does not appear to want to give any of this info to me. Very carefully remove the plastic cover from the left hinge. Position Name Price Warehouse Product order 25 Item s Show 16 32 72 96 items per page Mobile Speakers Wholesale The days of the gigantic boom box resting on your shoulder as you bebop down the street are long gone! Remove the adhesive tape as shown.

However, if you encounter configuration problems, you may need to run Setup.

Starting on the lower right side of the casing, pry the upper and lower covers apart as shown. Please make sure your TS laptop key retainer hinge clip match up Anybody knows what the issues could be?


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It is really very simple with a tool such as this. Or is the cable the problem? I have put everything back after installed the SSD, but the keyboard no longer work mouse pad is still functioning.

Replace the entire Upper Cover if the TouchPad malfunctions. Lift up the hard drive x64 disconnect the cable. Two different screw sizes are used to secure the LCD module in place. It took me a while to find all these hidden screws. Thanks for your help.

Insert the Function Board right side first as shown. Now running silently again and all back together. Removing The Keyboard Removing the Keyboard 1.